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Isola dei Pescatori

Isola Superiore - also known as Isola dei Pescatori (Pescatori Island) due to the historic work of its inhabitants – is located further north with respect to Isola Bella (Bella Island) from which it is separated by a little island more or less the size of a rock and known as la Malghera. 100 metres wide by 350 metres long make Isola dei Pescatori the smallest of the Borromean Islands, the largest being Isola Madre (Madre Island).

Touring Isola dei Pescatori

The only of the Borromean Islands to be inhabited year-round, it’s home to a small village with 50 inhabitants characterised by a little square enclosed by narrow, winding alleys that lead to the promenade on the north tip of the island. The characteristic multi-storey homes were built to take advantage of the little space available. They almost all have long balconies – essential for drying fish. As its name indicates, fishing is still quite common and it’s possible to taste the very fresh fruits in one of the several trattorias overlooking the lake.

Isola dei Pescatori: curiosities

The island’s history is old: we know it was already inhabited 700 years ago. The parish church is dedicated to San Vittore. During the procession held on 15 August, the statue of the patron saint is transported by boat around the islands. A characteristic little street market sells local crafts and attracts several tourists.

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