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Brezzo di Bedero and its churches

Brezzo di Bedero is a fantastic tourist destination. Its breathtaking scenery is enough to make your stay a pleasant one. However, there are other reasons to love this place and the surrounding areas if you enjoy sacred architecture.

The Collegiate Church of San Vittore

In fact, Brezzo di Bedero is home to the Collegiate Church of San Vittore, a valuable and majestic example of Romanesque architecture and the location of important series of classical music held in June and July.

The complex in Domo

After having toured it and seen the peculiarities inside, head south towards Domo, a picturesque hamlet of Porto Valtravaglia. This is the site of a religious complex which includes two churches and an ancient, charming baptistery.
Porto Valtravaglia is home to the Church of San Rocco and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

The little churches in Castelveccana

The trip from here to Castelveccana is truly short. This is the location of the Church of San Giorgio, a small building dating back to the 1100’s with an exceptional peculiarity: its entrance is on the long side and not on the short one. There are other little churches in the area and also the San Martino bell tower.

Take provincial road 31 and return to Brezzo di Bedero in just 10 minutes.

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