Lago maggiore
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From Tenero Contra to the Gambarogno Riviera

Luxuriant nature grows on the extreme tip of Lake Maggiore and it is a great place to wander about in the town and surrounding areas looking for good fun and a little relaxation.

Tenero Contra and Verzasca Valley

Tenero Contra has all these possibilities and it’s no coincidence it’s chosen as a holiday destination by thousands of tourists each year. It borders with the verdant Verzasca Valley and has a wonderful sports centre open year-round.

The Bolle di Magadino

If you head towards Magadino, you'll come across the area of the Bolle di Magadino, a marvellous protected area full of reed beds. Magadino - together with other municipalities - forms part of the so-called Gambarogno Riviera, the section of lake extending from the border with Italy to the lower slope of Mount Ceneri. Luxuriant flora makes your stay extremely pleasant.

Vira and its charming landscape

Driving along Lake Maggiore in the direction of Italy, you will find the last town along the Riviera: Vira. This ancient fisherman’s village is a great place to get lost amongst its alleys for an incomparable view thanks to its unique position. The parish church and casa Tommasina (Tommasina house) are worth visiting in the town centre.

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