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Il Girolago

Girolago is an initiative of Ecomuseo Cusius whose goal is to rediscover the ancient ways such as roads, mule tracks and trails that have been neglected and abandoned over the years. It’s also a way to stay in shape considering that they are perfect for hikers and cyclists.

The rings and towns

The Girolago paths form a ring around Lake Orta. The blue ring is for hikers while the green ring is for cyclists. The blue ring has several stages, which have recently been divided into several weeks and range in length from 15-20 km.

All the towns around the lake are involved: Orta San Giulio, Pettenasco, and Omegna in particular, although the paths are changed every year to ensure a new experience is always enjoyed.

How to participate

If you’re interested in the initiative, Ecomuseo Cusius makes the dates and Girolago schedule known. It’s free for children and youth and the meeting point for participants is decided based on the route.

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