Lago maggiore
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Nearby Laveno Mombello and Leggiuno

Laveno Mombello is the most important tourist destination on the east shore of Lake Maggiore. Excellent services and a vast cultural offer will certainly make your holidays here pleasant, but you may want to take advantage of a nice day to go for a drive in the surrounding areas: you have lots to choose from.

Leggiuno and the famed hermitage

For example, you can take provincial road 69 and head down towards Leggiuno. Although it doesn’t have the same tourist industry as other towns, Leggiuno certainly has lots to offer. One of the most popular tourist attractions is in the heart of town: the Santa Caterina del Sasso hermitage. After having admired the hermitage, head off on one of the trails in search of some peace in the shaded woods.

Monvalle and sports

From here, take provincial road 32 and you’ll be in Monvalle in less than 10 minutes. It’s a charming town and if you are looking to take part in sports, the Lido is the perfect place. The infrastructures here are very well-equipped and you can also go on organised excursions: on foot, bicycle or in a canoe.

It’s only 15 minutes back to Laveno Mombello - take your time!

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