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Relaxing between Ornavasso and Mergozzo

Ornavasso is a fantastic place to spend your holidays in complete relaxation. You can admire the ancient Sanctuary of Madonna del Boden here and stroll amidst the beauties offered by uncontaminated nature. But if you’d like to brighten up your holiday by also visiting some other delightful place and participate in a healthy sports activity, you should seriously consider the idea of a tour in the area of Lake Mergozzo.

Heading towards Lake Mergozzo

Mergozzo is easy to reach by car in just 15 minutes. This little town has many cultural and artistic beauties, and a great tradition involving processing stone: the local quarries also have the white marble necessary to maintain the duomo in Milan. But you will most certainly have fun in Mergozzo by participating in your favourite sport. You can go fishing, boating, windsurfing, canoeing, mountain biking or hiking in the surrounding mountains. Moreover, Lake Mergozzo is known for being almost uncontaminated and its waters are still very pure.

The park in Fondotoce

Driving alongside the east side of the lake you come across the town of Fondotoce. The Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore and the Fondotoce Special Nature Reserve are past the town. This park was created to protect a unique and exceptional natural area where reed beds are luxuriant and create an ecosystem home to hundreds of fish and bird species that nest and reproduce here. An interesting trail was created here requiring only 1 hour and covering the entire protected area.

It’s only 20 minutes back to Ornavasso.

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