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Walking in Valstrona

There are many trails for hiking enthusiasts along the Strona Valley that combine sports, nature and cultural attractions. In fact, only 3 or 4 hours on foot surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery are required to reach little towns full of art and traditions.

Excursion in Foglia Valley

It’s said the first mills were built in the Foglia Valley as early as the 16th century. This is its main attraction, despite the fact that not much of this tradition is left today. The excursion starts out in Omegna and continues along the provincial road towards the town of Strona. There are refreshment bars and shops in Strona where handicrafts can be purchased. The return walk is along the banks of the Strona Stream.

Excursion along Stra Vegia

Stra Vegia means old road. It is in fact a medieval road that runs through several towns and arrives in Campello Monti. This place is worth visiting for its uniqueness: it’s a Walser town, to which a museum is also dedicated. The walk is only 2 hours and therefore is also possible for those who are not as sporty.

Hiking in Strona Valley

A more difficult excursion (which lasts 4 hours) leads to the source of the Strona Stream. The trail is along the slopes of mountains such as Punta del Pizzo, Altemberg, Cima Lago and Capezzone (all at least 2,000 m high). The summit of the Capezzone (2,421 m) can be reached from the homonymous lake in about 1 hour. On the way back, you can stop at a refreshment bar in Campello Monti.

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