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Golasecca is home to important archaeological finds providing evidence of the so-called Culture of Golasecca.
According to experts, the civilisation of Golasecca existed between 800-450 BC and was preceded by a period called “Protogolasecca”. The reasons why the Culture of Golasecca established itself along the Ticino River are connected firstly with the importance of having available water, fish and game and secondly, with the meaning of the river as a communication route allowing for economic and cultural exchange. Given the nature of the burials and dwellings in scattered groups, it’s believed the social organisation most probably hinged around small family nuclei.

Tourism and culture in Golasecca

The most vivid proof of the Culture of Golasecca is the great abundance of finds associated with funeral rites and burials. Among these are Cromlechs (circles of stones), ash urns and an assortment of grave goods in the tombs (bracelets, necklaces and various tools). The Necropolis of Monsorino is of fundamental interest. It’s located to the south of town, in the direction of Sesto Calende.
If you would like further information and to understand the history behind the Culture of Golasecca, we also highly recommend visiting the local Museum of Archaeology.
The ruins of the Church of San Michele are the only concrete sign of the Medieval period. The church, which is in a panoramic location, was built in the 11th century and completed in the late 18th century. Some frescoes dating back to the 11th and 15th centuries are still visible.

Accommodations in Golasecca

If the history of the ancient civilisation once occupying these places fascinates you, take a look at the local hotels and plan your trip.

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