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Sesto Calende

Sesto Calende is a small Lombard city close to the Piedmont border. It rises in the middle of a verdant amphitheatre formed by moraines at the most southern tip of Lake Maggiore, where the Ticino River resumes its course to join up with the Po River.

Tourism in Sesto Calende

Sesto Calende is in a favoured position making it the ideal area for settlements as far back as the Neolithic period, when migrating peoples settled here. This is where the people came, who gave rise to the Culture of Golasecca. This is the reason for the city’s Civic Museum of Archaeology, which is full of finds and evidence from ancient times.

The large glacial erratic known as Sass de Preja Büja is in the town of San Vincenzo. It’s also significant for the ancient inscriptions on its surface.

As for sacred architecture, San Donato Abbey dating back to the 9th century is very interesting. This Romanesque church is home to several frescoes from very different periods, and is considered the most important monument in the area.

Sesto (located on the trunk road and the Sempione railway line) is an essential road communication junction towards the Lombardy plain and the Sempione and Gottardo passes. A monumental symbol of this natural bent for transportation is the double iron bridge over the Ticino River built in 1868. It has also made the city a favoured starting point for visiting both the Piedmont shores of Lake Maggiore from Arona to Cannobio, and the Lombard shores from Angera to Luino.

Entertainment in Sesto Calende

The natural beauties offered by this area are marvellous: lake, river, hill, mountains and Mount Rosa in the background. Moreover, the region of Sesto Calende is surrounded in the green Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley with its picnic facilities and perfect for country outings.
The town continuously organises many enjoyable theatrical, musical and film events, including classic food & wine festivals.

Accommodations in Sesto Calende

If you’re interested in the many opportunities offered by Sesto Calende and are planning a trip, take a look at all the local hotels!

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