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Massino Visconti

Massino Visconti is a small, well-known town with about 1,000 inhabitants located on the gentle high grounds of the Vergante area, overlooking the lake above Lesa and opposite Ranco. It has an enviable view and once had many vineyards and olive trees thriving in the hills.

Massino Visconti: history

In ancient times, Massino Visconti underwent Roman and then Longobardic domination. In particular, an episode from the latter involves King Desiderio purifying and consecrating the pagan temple for Christian worship, which the Romans built here.

Infeudation under the Visconti family was fundamental, who in practice administered the town from the 12th – 15th centuries. In addition to their name, they left a trace with the Castello Visconti di San Vito (Visconti castle in San Vito), today used as the location for events and weddings.

Tourism in Massino Visconti

A tour of the village also includes other monuments. For example, the Romanesque Church of San Michele with its well-known leaning bell tower dating back to the 11th century, and the Parish Church of Purificazione di Maria Vergine, both embellished with marvellous 15th- and 16th-century frescoes.

The Monumento agli Ombrellai is characteristic; this monument was created by sculptor Luigi Canuto to pay homage to the intense activities of the Lusciatt - precisely the numerous ombrellai (umbrella makers) living in Massino Visconti and the surrounding area.

The Benedictine sanctuary rising on Mount Salvatore approximately 4 km from the centre of town is also remarkable. The San Salvatore Sanctuary is a detailed architectural complex with cells, halls, and a church & chapel. It has an irregular plan given the renovations over time and is one of the most beautiful balconies in the Vergante area, over Lake Maggiore and surrounded by verdant woods.

The mountains behind Massino Visconti allow individuals to surround themselves for an instant in an atmosphere that is completely different from the one on the lakeshore: simply follow one of the several paths to get in direct contact with nature.

Events in Massino Visconti

Countless festivals and cultural, sports and folkloristic events attracting many tourists are organised here throughout the year.

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