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Ranco is a municipality in Lombardy rising on a bustling headland a little north of the city of Angera. The name is believed to come from the verb roncar or rancar, which means to deforest. In terms of history, it has always followed the vicissitudes of nearby Angera.

Tourism in Ranco

Ranco is very well known for its beautiful nature and other typical local peculiarities. For example, the area has many glacial erratics just as in Mercallo or Sesto Calende. The most famous one is certainly Sass Cavalasc, an enormous boulder lying on the shore of Lake Maggiore. Some tours even include this very old geological evidence.
The area is also home to typical plants such as the water chestnut, which is especially endemic to the Verbano area.

Entertainment in Ranco

Fishing is certainly very popular in town, and its fruits are easy to savour in the various local restaurants. After all, precisely fishing was one of the main sources of support for Ranco in past centuries.
Over the last few years, the town has become increasingly popular thanks to the Ogliari Museum of Transport – one-of-a-kind in Europe and a grandiose, unique work certainly worth visiting. Locomotives, trams, stagecoaches and train and underground cars are located outdoors in surroundings associated with the places from their history and period.

Accommodations in Ranco

If the silent impressiveness of the glacial erratics or the uniqueness of the Museum of Transport arouses your curiosity, take a look at the local hotels and start planning your trip to Ranco and the surrounding area!

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